Atmospheric Consistometer

NCCQ Atmospheric Consistometer

1. Dual cell, dual temperature control system, dual motor and dual curve displayed. Two tests can be conducted simultaneously with two cells.

2. Testing consistency by transducer and eliminating connecting wire of potentiometer so as to reduce fault rate and make it easier to operate.

3. Easily detachable water tank

4. Touch screen design ensures the real-time display of test graph.

5. Housing of the instrument is all made of stainless steel.       
6. Designed to alarm and pre-alarm

7. Mixing blade with replaceable thimble

8. High-quality components: Mettler transducer and Japanese NKK switch.

Product Introduction


NCCQ atmospheric consistometer is a new smart instrument designed and engineered in strict accordance with  API Standard-10 and used for testing consistency performance of oil well cement slurry under atmospheric pressure. The two cells both have independent heating and cooling systems. The connecting wire of potentiometer is eliminated because the consistency can be tested by a transducer. Mixing blade is designed to have replaceable thimble. It is cost-effective that users may just replace with a new thimble instead of a mixing blade when the old one wears out. Housing of the instrument is all made of stainless steel, which is durable in use. Besides,this instrument is composed of a series of high-quality and durable components, including Mettler transducer and Japanese NKK switch.

Features & Innovations


NCCQ Atmospheric Consistometer

Conventional Atmospheric Consistometer


It is capable of conducting two tests under different temperatures simultaneously with the design of dual cell and dual temperature control system.

Two tests have to be carried out at the same temperature if conducted simultaneously as the instrument is only equipped with one oil tank.


Transducer is employed to test consistency whose graph is displayed directly on the screen, increasing operational simplicity.

Testing consistency through electric contact is complex and inconvenient.


Easily detachable water tank features ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Complexly detachable water tank features inconvenience of cleaning and maintenance.


All the parameters and graph are displayed on the touch screen, directly and clearly.

It is inconvenient to observe the graphs of temperature and consistency as they are displayed through two separate ones.


Users may input test data through the touch screen directly.

Temperature controller is adopted to set parameters,which is complex to operate and error-prone.


Smart calibration system saves users from
frequent adjustment of the spring as long as the zero point is corrected.

Frequent adjustment of the spring will be a must oncethe measurement of consistency is inaccurate,which is inefficient and unreliable.


Pre-alarm one minute in advance intelligently helps users to notice all the testing nodes.

Without pre-alarm function, testing nodes are easily neglected.

NITHONS »Smart and simole, Durable and reliable

Dual Cell and Dual Temperature ControSystem Design

Two independent water tanks can perform heating and/or cooling operations separately. In this way, two tests are be able to carried out simultaneously.

NITHONS »Adopting senors instead of traditional potentiometers -- more advantages!

Testing Consistency by Transducer

The dowel bar’s connection to transducer saves users from troublesome connection between the slurry cup cover and the instrument, increasing ease of cleaning and durability. Besides, the use of Mettler transducer improves test accuracy.

Testing Consistency by Potentiometer

Troublesome connection is necessary for every test. Besides, testing through potentiometer, which is not damage resistant, increases the difficulty of cleaning.

Easily Detachable Water Tank Offers Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance


1. Remove the front shroud after loosening the screws on it.
2. Unscrew the bottom screws, unplug the connector of the electric appliance and the quick coupling of the water tank, then pull the water tank and disassemble.

Touch Screen Design Enhances Operational Simplicity

1. Testing data is displayed directly and clearly on the touch screen.

2. Users may set testing parameters through the touch screen directly.

3. Smart calibration through the screen saves users from frequent adjustment of the spring as long as the zero point is corrected.

NITHONS »Innovative, Simple and Durable

Mixing Blade with Replaceable Thimble

Axis of mixing blade has threaded connection to the thimble. It is cost-effective that users may just replace a new thimble instead of a mixing blade when the old one wears out, thus prolongs the mixing blade’s service life.

Easily Detachable Slurry Cup

Detachable design makes the slurry cup easy to clean and maintain. Threaded connection increases the ease of assembly and disassembly. It further proves to be user-friendly as it has two methods of assembly and disassembly, one of which employs only an ordinary wrench.

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» Specifications

Max Temperature


Volume of Slurry Cup


Input Voltage

AC100-110V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz

Input Power


Consistency Range


Speed Range