About Us

Consistometer-Fluid loss cell-Viscometer-oilfield cementing testing instruments- Tianjin Nithons Technology Co., Ltd.

NITHONS, a Sino-Japanese joint venture, has been specializing in the development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service for newly-designed oil well cementing testing instruments and related parts since its establishment in 2013. As an innovation-oriented company possessing proprietary intellectual property rights and high-tech enterprise certificate,NITHONS not only provides complete oil well cementing testing instruments and customized ones, but also offers professional and reliable solutions for the testing and analysis of materials regarding oil well cementing, aiming to ensure easier development, smarter testing as well as safer cementing projects. Located in Tianjin Universal Enterprise Park, NITHONS has a plant covering an area of 2,000㎡with strict manufacturing technique, shakedown test and quality control process to guarantee product quality.    

NITHONS mainly manufactures constant speed mixer, thermostat water bath, HTHP curing chamber, atmospheric consistometer, HTHP consistometer, portable HTHP consistometer, HTHP stirred fluid loss cell, HTHP fluid loss cell,fully automated rotational viscometer, compressive strength tester, ultrasonic cement analyzer,gas migration tester, etc., covering all the instruments and parts applied to the entire cementing process, including its preparation, curing, consistency and fluid loss property, rheological property, compressive strength, gel strength and anti-channeling property. NITHONS supplies both high configuration products and basic ones, endeavoring to meet various customer needs. Besides, NITHONS is capable of providing service tailored to customer requirements as well as service for upgrading old instruments. What’s more, integrated mobile cementing lab is also available. As a leader in the newly-designed smart cementing testing instrument, NITHONS emphasizes on automated design. With great dedication to improving users’ experience and the instruments’ universality with conventional ones, it offers customers the optimal solutions for instruments upgrading.

NITHONS has excellent team members from China and Japan.It also possesses strong ability in the design, innovation and precision manufacturing of mechanical engineering and electric automatization.  With craftsman spirit in mind, NITHONS constantly strives for perfection and innovation. Our Company, in strict accordance with API Standard-10, is always devoted to providing customers with smarter, superior and reliable products. Moreover, to keep on improving data accuracy for oil well cementing tests and to ensure safer cementing projects are also what NITHONS concerns about.

Focusing on oilfield, NITHONS aims to provide global customers with products of innovative design and superior quality as well as excellent after-sales service. For NITHONS, satisfying customers’ demand unremittingly is an everlasting goal.